Born in La Pampa, Argentina.
She lived in Geneva, Switzerland for 7 years where she continued with her studies of music which she later on abandoned on arrival to her country in order to devote herself entirely to painting. She received her first lessons from Andreina Baj, a disciple in Turin of master Felice Casorati. Some time later, she attended Emilio Pettoruti’s and Horacio Butler’s workshops and finally worked with master Santiago Cogorno for three years.
In 1971 she presented her first exhibition at Cadario Gallery in Milan and in 1972 at Wildenstein Gallery in Buenos Aires. In 1973 he returned from Milan and was part of the prestigious Rubbers Gallery founded in 1957.
She has exhibited in the United States, Spain, Venezuela, Uruguay and Mexico.
In 1974 she joined writer Angel Bonomini. Several trips and stays abroad took place, particularly in Italy, sharing projects and works. In 1996 she presented her first sculpture exhibition. Her interest and trips to Northern Africa have been crucial to her work. The desert, big spaces, the sea and the plain suggested the essential forms to which Elba Perez would refer when she said: “Vechy Logioio’s work follows the essential forms and behavior of the materials which have been used. With no reference, with no anecdotes, Logioio’s formal proposal operates in depth. This behavior is observed in sculptures of monumental potential. This characteristic was present in her painting, as stripped as effective in formulating anecdotes”, or Alicia de Arteaga, when she pointed out that these are “archaic or absolutely contemporary forms in their essential and minimalist treatment”.